In 1996, our business unit ECA BIO was created starting with our organic agricultural and industrial production. This became a breakpoint redefining our company’s business model and strengthening our commitment to healthy consumption. Nowadays, ECA has 9 farms under complete organic certification.

Our directory motivates and promotes agricultural and industrial investigation and development. It has formed a team of professionals that continuously study behavior of our plants and advised our raw material suppliers.

Growing areas

  • Concordia, Entre Ríos.
  • Bella Vista, Corrientes.
  • Gral. San Martín, Chaco.
  • Lagunas blancas, Formosa.


Agricultural Projects being carried out:

Conversion of conventional farms into organic plantations.

Our agricultural division is training a team work of growers from Bella Vista Corrientes on how to bring technical enhancements to their farms, increase planted areas and reinforce fruit innocuousness.

We have become associated to 23 growers through training and agricultural management.