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About Us

We are a family business founded in 1974. Our beginnings are as a producer, packer and exporter of citrus fruits. In 1991 we created the industrial division, becoming one of the largest producers of concentrated juices and sweet citrus essential oils in the country. Starting in 1996, our ECA BIO Business Unit began to operate, starting with Organic Agricultural and industrial production, a decision that defined our company's model and our commitment to healthy consumption. Today we have a total of 7 farms under full organic certification.

Our environmental management goes hand in hand with our corporate commitment .. "Minimizing the environmental impact of our industry"



Our plant has state-of-the-art technology with a production capacity of approximately 20 tons per hour: EXZEL juicers online type, performs in a single operation the extraction of the juice and the essential oil without contact between them, achieving a purer flavor and protecting the quality of the juice. Westfalia Centrifuges and APV Evaporators.



Automated drip irrigation systems.

They are recommended for advanced fertigation systems, with pH and EC control. Its precision and efficiency allow plants to achieve optimal nutrition and maximum resource productivity.

Our main objective is to use

all of our industrial waste:


Citrus Peel

Liquid Effluents

Forest Residues

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